D-Baio-S is a next-generation bio diesel fuel (BDF) production system that does not discharge glycerin. Freed from the problem of byproduct disposal, the system helps reduce CO2 emissions by facilitating the use of BDF as an alternative to light oil.

Main products
  • Bio diesel fuel production system (D-Baio-S)
  • Daisho Tech Co., Ltd.

Overview of D-Baio-S


The system is fed with waste oil/fat and methanol, and transforms them into "STING bio diesel fuel" (SDF) under high temperature and high pressure using the patented STING (simultaneous reaction of transesterification and cracking process) method:

  • Patent disclosure No. 4122433 for methods (disclosed in March 2005)
  • Title of invention: Non-catalyst method for the production of bio diesel fuel with no byproduct
  • Patented by: National Agricultural and Food Research Organization

Manufacturer: Daisho Tech Co., Ltd.(Japanese only)

Advantages of D-Baio-S and SDF

  • No discharge of byproducts (glycerin and effluent)
  • Assists the transformation of animal fat (lard, beef tallow, palm oil, tall oil, etc.) into bio diesel fuel
  • No need for catalyst
  • Low corrosiveness of SDF to rubber
  • Low coagulation point of SDF makes it suitable for cold regions.
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