Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Code of Ethics

All board members and employees of Kawasaki Trading Co., Ltd. shall conduct corporate activities in accordance with the Management Policy and the following Code of Ethics. The top management shall take the lead in setting a good example themselves and exercise leadership to ensure the full compliance of all employees with this Code of Ethics.

1. Compliance with laws, regulations and internal rules
We will respect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations, both domestic and foreign, as well as internal rules and the corporate spirit of Kawasaki Trading.
2. Respect of basic human rights and prohibition of discrimination
We will respect personal dignity and the basic human rights of all people to create and maintain a pleasant working environment.
3. Fair Accounting Procedures and Reliable Financial Reporting
We will observe statutes and internal rules regarding accounting, and will perform proper accounting procedures and issue accounting reports. We will ensure reliability of financial reports.
4. Fair competition
We will offer products and services through fair, transparent and free competition, and will never seek to profit by improper means or unclear practices.
5. No relationships with antisocial forces
We will take a firm stance against any antisocial groups and/or individuals who threaten the order and safety of civil society, and will never be associated with any such groups and/or individuals.
6. No involvement in insider trading
If any important information about Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., any of its affiliated companies, and/or business partners which is likely to affect stock price is known to us, we will never deal in the stocks of any of these companies before such knowledge becomes publicly available.
7. Environmental conservation efforts
We will continue voluntary, positive efforts for reducing resource and energy consumption, minimizing waste generation and promoting recycling in order to preserve earth’s finite resources and the natural environment, and decrease the burden on the global environment. In conducting business activities, we will also pay due consideration to reducing environmental impact in the places where our products and services are used.
8. Prohibition of excessive business entertainment
We will never extend and/or accept excessive business entertainment and/or give and/or accept any gift which may affect normal business relationships.
9. Distinction between public and private matters
We will be aware of the importance of distinguishing between public and private matters and perform our duties with sincerity and fairness. We will also work for the conservation of tangible and intangible assets and information possessed by Kawasaki Trading and will never use any such assets and/or information for any purpose other than for performing our duties.

Established on May 1, 2003
Revised on April 1, 2008

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